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When a major business or government agency decides to relocate, the details to attend to are staggering.

At stake are tens of millions of dollars and the productivity and well-being of thousands of workers. Without coordination, the result could be plagued with mistakes, misunderstandings, and finger-pointing. Details can be overlooked, unexpected costs arise, and deadlines can be missed.

Workspace Whisperer coordinates, facilitates, and translates specialized jargon, ensuring your project proceeds smoothly with all parties working together toward a common goal — a successful transition from one workspace to another.

Core Competencies

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Amy Buchanan, U.S. Army, retired

"She’s fantastic. She did most of my major projects. I was the project manager for the government and she was the project manager for the contract. She can take anything and make it into whatever you want. I mean we built out one space in two or three months --it was unheard of-- and it was a huge space and we did it on time and budget. "

David Wright, Principal, Integrated Communications Consulting

"She was the single point of contact between all the user groups, the outside consultants and contractors like me. We didn’t have to hunt around to find the people that we had to contact to figure out what was going on."

Nancy Berkowitz, Principal and President, Arbee Associates

"When an issue arises she looks for a solution instead of going into retrograde. She has a very can-do attitude and great organization skills so she can keep control of the job site and the many subs working on it. She knows how to interact with other trades on the site so that everybody is working as a team toward a common goal. She is really good. "

Greg Griffin, Director, Multiple Family Construction, EYA

"She did a great job. Her personality was great. She really understood what was a multi-headed client with a lot of different things going on. She understood what our culture was and she learned how to interact with people very effectively. I wasn’t afraid to use her as an ambassador to go meet with one of my customers because I knew that she would always say the right thing in the right way. "

Brian Robinson, Senior Construction Manager, Vornado Realty Trust

"On a daily basis, I’ve seen Kathy bridge lines of communication between her clients and other parties, educate her clients on construction practices, coordinate vendors and moves, prioritize client needs and manage costs to ensure budgets are maintained.  She specializes in sorting through the weeds to get to a clear path. "

Matt Pope, Senior Project Manager, HITT Contracting, Inc.

"Kathy was a valuable member of the team and played a big role in getting the project completed on time and on budget. "

Brian Calis, Architect Project Manager, Gensler

"I’ve recommended her many times. She is a pleasure to work with, plus she brings professionalism and attention to detail. "

Roger Valentino, CEO at Atrium Facilities & Interiors, LLC

"A very senior professional in her field. She did a really good job of assembling a successful team and managing that team."

Steve Compton, Director of Operations, Arbee Associates

"This was a hard project with a lot of tasks that had to get done. Her organizational skills kept us on schedule and within costs. "

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Kathy Clune


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